Create crab from beads and Swarovski crystals

We need:

1. Beads Toho 11/0 – color 706 (matte blue-green iris).

2. Beads Toho 11/0 – color 7BD (transparent blue capri).

3. Beads Toho 15/0 – color 7BDF (matte transparent blue-green.

4. Beads Toho 15/0 – color 7BD (transparent blue capri).

5. Czech beads of size 10/0 in color iridescent transparent blue-green (can be replaced by Japanese Toho, for example, colors 167BD).

6. Beads Toho 11/0 – color PF565 (blue slate).

7. Beads Toho 15/0 – color PF558 (aluminum).

8. Beads Toho 8/0 – color PF558 (aluminum).

9. Beads Toho 11/0 – color PF558 (aluminum).

10. Swarovski crystal – jellyfish Jelly Fish FS PF size 22 mm, color Bermuda Blue + crystal frame in shade of rhodium.

11. Two crystals Swarovski – sea urchin Sea Urchin size 10 mm, color Bermuda Blue.

12. Two Czech faceted beads of transparent blue color, 6 mm in size.

13. Two Czech cut faceted black beads 4 mm in size.

14. 26 Swarovski xilion bicones crystals 4 mm in color Comet Argent Light.

15. 10 pins of silver color with a stud-stud on the end, 42 mm long, 0.6 mm thick.

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