a simple hanging planter

1). First cut six equal sized squares of
wood. Jig or punch out large holes in the
center in which your mason jars can rest.
NOTE: You’ll need to find jars that are
wider at the top than in the middle.

2). Next drill two other holes on either

side through which your threaded rod can


3). Feed the rods (with washers and bolts)
through each of the wood pieces, making
sure to twist the bolts to the desired
NOTE: If you place the rod inside a cordless
drill where the bit normall goes and hold
the bolt with your fingers, you can then pull
the trigger on your drill to fasten the bolt
more quickly than doing it by hand.
4). Line each jar with small rocks to give
the roots enough space to breathe in lieu
of drainage holes.
5). Position the plants inside the jars, with
the metal lid rim fastened on top, and
rest them into place on each wood panel.
6). Then attach metal cables from the top
shelf to eye hooks in your ceiling, so the
planter can be hung at just the desired

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